Code of Ethics

This code states the ethical and business practices that Sigdo Koppers promotes in its subsidiaries through its Corporate Governance. These are defined as obligatory and are the basis for projecting the company into the future.

The document guides the relationships of employees with each one of the key audiences and defines the standards of conduct regarding the protection of confidential information; conflicts of interest; anticorruption, health, safety and environment, in addition to conduct against the dignity of people.

The Code of Ethics covers all areas of professional conduct and applies to all employees, regardless of position, who must sign a statement indicating their understanding of these policies and adhere to them.

Corporate Governance Code

This code aims to inform of the corporate governance structure of Sigdo Koppers, regulate its operation and present practices related to this matter, which have been incorporated in accordance with current regulations in Chile and international standards, to achieve the mission of the Board of maximizing the value of the Company.

The Corporate Governance practices of Sigdo Koppers are aimed at ensuring proper conduct of the company in the market, providing sufficient and timely information, promoting equal participation of all shareholders, respecting their rights and of the groups of interest, and to strengthen the top management and the administration of the company, so that the strategic and financial decisions conform to a long-term vision aligned with the values of the organization.

Corporate Governance Code