19 de January, 2012

Sigdo Koppers successfully completes capital increase and collected a total of US $ 440 million

With great success, today at 17:00,culminated the process of capital increase carried out by the Sigdo Koppers group, which resulted in a collection of approx US $ 440 million,through the issuance and placement of 271.6 million shares, the company informed today. With this, Sigdo Koppers diversifies its shareholder base and increases its capital base to fund their investment projects, among which noted is the recent purchase of Magotteaux, company of Belgian origin.

The result of the process was described as very positive by Sigdo Koppers executives and their underwriters Banchile, BBVA and Santander.

The CEO of the group, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz, said that "this capital increase is consistent with the development and investmentsplans we intend to carry out to project and consolidate Sigdo Koppers as a leading provider of services for mining and industry ".

Errazuriz added that "the process was very successful, and is a sign of trust in what we are doing. And we have also broadened the shareholder base of the company, which will undoubtedly give greater depth and liquidity t the SK share."


The capital increase, which had a 98.75% subscription by shareholders, was considered a success and is a sign of the confidence the market has in Sigdo Koppers and its various subsidiaries.

Sigdo Koppers defined as a strategic objective to increase their participation in the service areas to mining and industry, establishing itself as a provider of services and products to mining and industry. In this sense, the group has already taken important steps, both in Chile and in the region.

Among the recent business of the group, noteworthy is the acquisition of Magotteaux, acompany of Belgian origin, which reached US $ 790 million, establishing Sigdo Koppers as an international provider of services to mining and industry. Also relevant are the acquisitions of Sabo Chile, a forged grinding balls production company, and the recent acquisition of 70% of Comsa, a construction company.