15 de April, 2010

Sigdo Koppers and the Municipality of Talcahuano sign agreement to build a Technical Training Center

The new Technical Training Center will be located on Orella Street N°155 in Talcahuano, and will offer technician level carreers for the almost 1,200 young people who graduate each year from public high schools. It is scheduled to open for the first semester of 2011. Sigdo Koppers and its architect Gonzalo Mardoneswill be in charge of developing this project,which represents an investment of over$1,200 million.  

On Thursday April 15, 2010, the Sigdo Koppers Group signed a collaboration agreement with the Municipality of Talcahuano to build a Technical Training Center (TTC) that will benefit the nearly 1,200 young people who graduate each year from the public high schools in this district andthoseworkers who labored in fields that were greatly affected by the earthquake of February.

The signing took place on the land where the TTC will be built-Orella Street N°155, Arenal County in Talcahuano- and was presided by the Mayor of the Municipality of Talcahuano, Gaston Saavedra Chandía and the executive vice president of Sigdo Koppers, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz. Also present at the ceremony were members of Congress, Councilors, representatives of the Navy, Police and neighbors.

On the occasion, the Talcahuano Mayor Gaston Saavedra, said that the center "is an icon representing the reconstruction of the port and one of the key issues in the future development of the city and its inhabitants which is education, given that the average years of schooling is nine. In this regard, the contribution made by Sigdo Koppers goes beyond a building, but to the full recovery of Talcahuano ".

The executive vice president of Sigdo Koppers, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz, said that "the construction of this Technical Training Center evidences the strong interest of the different Sigdo Koppers group companies and their subsidiaries to contribute directly and concretely to revive the devastated areas and their productive activities, offering the community Talcahuano new development opportunities."


Errazuriz also stated that "the city of Talcahuano has special relevance for our group since this is where our business started 50 years ago."

The TTC will be noted for having a flexible design. It will initially be 1,200 square meters big, with 14 classrooms with a capacity for 30 students each. This will allow the study of eight carreersby a total of 400 students per day.

The opening of the new Technical Training Center is scheduled for the first half of 2011. The technical carrers taught will be oriented towards people that work in the construction field, workers connected to companiesmember of the Caja de Compensación Los Andes who lost their source of employment after the earthquake and young public high school graduates and students from low income families. Through this, we seek to provide technician level education to public high school graduates that for financial or family reasons cannot access quality higher education, offering them to training in technician degrees that enable them to enter the labor market in better conditions.

To make the center a reality, the Municipality of Talcahuano will give in commodatum the land, Sigdo Koppers will provide the infrastructure and furnishings, the Technical Training Center of the Chilean Chamber of Construction jointly with SERPLAC will be in charge of the analysis and design of the carreers to be offered to the community of Talcahuano, and the Caja de Compensación Los Andes willcollaborate in the commercial and organizational development of the project. 

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