21 de February, 2011

Fepasa profits grow 436% at December 2010

The main rail freight transport company in the country, a subsidiary of Puerto Ventanas controlled by the Sigdo Koppers group, reached profits of $ 2,187 million.      

Profits of $ 2.187 million at December 2010 registerd the company Ferrocarril del Pacífico S.A. (FEPASA), according to the FECU submitted today to the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS for its initials in spanish).

These figures represent an increase of 436% compared to the profits recorded in 2009, and are mainly explained by the good operational and commercial performance of the company.

Ferrocarril del Pacífico S.A. recently announced the renewal of important long-term contracts, among them the contract with Celulosa Arauco and Constitución S.A., Celco, for eight years, to transport pulp and lumber. With this, the company will continue to rail transport pulp and lumber from the cellulose plants Valdivia, Arauco and Constitución and the sawmill Valdivia to the ports of Coronel, Lirquén and San Vicente. This also includes transportation to those supplies required by these same plants from the premises of their respective suppliers.

Also, the company was awarded the contract with Codelco's El Teniente Division for seven years, following the tender issued by the state to transport approximately 372,000 tons per year of anodes and refined copper from Caletones and Colon (6th Region) to ports of the 5thRegion and the Codelco Ventanas Division plant. 

Note also that in 2010 the subsidiary Transportes Fepasa began operating, it transports cargo by truck from Mejillones to the large mining companies in the country.

Founded in 1993, Fepasa has a history of 18 years. The company is a subsidiary of Puerto Ventanas, controlled by the Sigdo Koppers S.A. group, a Chilean conglomerate leader in the industrial, service, commercial and automotive areas.

Fepasa is the main company of rail freight transportof central and southern Chile. The activity of the company is primarily the transport of import and export products.