Human Capital

Human capital is a key aspect in the overall performance of the company. To that end, each of the Group companies carries out various activities to improve the quality of life of its workers and their families.

These are mainly focused on the areas of training, safety, occupational health, quality of life and benefits. A key aspect in the management of companies is training, with this in mind Sigdo Koppers has throughout its history been concerned about continuous training, in order to contribute to the personal and professional development of its employees, and to the generation of a good organizational climate. To this end, in 2007 the subsidiary SK Training was created, aimed at developing training plans for the Group.


Sigdo Koppers companies seek to maintain an attitude of collaboration with the communities they are involved with.

Through the development of programs and activities, the companiesaim to ensure respect for local customs, help improve their quality of life and minimize the impact of operations on the environment. To ensure this, the companies maintain dialogue programs, social support and favor hiring local workforce in the places where they operate.

In 2012, Sigdo Koppers opened the Technical Training Center (TTC) in the city of Talcahuano. The property has a building of 2,300 square meters built on a plot of 3,600 m2, given in commodatum by the Municipality of Talcahuano. With 9 classrooms, 9 equipped workshops, an auditorium, a library and a media room, it has a capacity for 1,200 students. This initiative is part of a strategy that seeks to create shared value, which aims at aligning business success with social progress. The center provides quality education and meeting places for the community, thus contributing to its economic and social development. Additionally, it will allow the company and the industry to improve its competitiveness by having skilled staff.

The Environment

Sigdo Koppers is strongly committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

For this reason, a number of the Group companies are certified under the ISO 14000 standard, which regulates its environmental management system.Las companies conduct checks of raw materials,comply with the provisions for handling hazardous substances and make investments to improve the environmental conditions of their production facilities. Also, worth noting is the carbon credits project developed by the subsidiary Enaex, considered the largest of its kind in Chile.

Global Compact

Since 2006, Sigdo Koppers has adhered to the Global Compact of the United Nations, undertaking commitments regarding human rights, the environment, labor standards and anti-corruption policies.