Enaex S.A.

Sigdo Koppers S.AParticipation: 60.72%
Web site: www.enaex.cl

Enaex is the largest rock fragmentation company in Latin America and the leading producer of ammonium nitrate explosive in the region. Vertically integrated, it produces its most important raw materials and develops almost the entire value chain of rock fragmentation; i.e., from the production of raw materials for explosives to blasting.
The company, founded in 1920, has achieved extensive international presence throughits subsidiaries abroad and the export of its products to more than 40 countries, among which are Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Australia and Indonesia.



The largest company in the Brazilian market in the business of the manufacture and sale of civil explosives and initiation systems.

Davey Bickford

Davey Bickford, compañía francesa, líder mundial en el diseño, fabricación y distribución de detonadores electrónicos utilizados en la industria de fragmentación de roca.

Magotteaux Group S.A.

Sigdo Koppers S.AParticipation: 98.07%
Web site: www.magotteaux.com/

Magotteaux is the world leader in process optimization products & services for high abrasion extracting industries: mines, cement, coal fired power stations, quarries, recycling and dredging industries.

Starting with a cross-section insight of its customers’ value chain, combining expert advice, services and resources, products, equipment and systems, Magotteaux uses all relevant levers to help customers save costs and maximize cash generation.

Magotteaux employs more than 3,000 skilled talents and has a market footprint of above 500,000 tons of grinding media and castings through its specialized production units, sales offices and technical centres worldwide.