25 April, 2011
Sigdo Koppers will carry out an investment plan of US $ 300 million during 2011.

The CEO of the group, Juan Eduardo Errázuriz said that several companies are working on expansion projects, focusing on the search for new opportunities.

25 February, 2011
Sigdo Koppers group profit grows 62% in 2010, a historical result.

The conglomerate reported a profit of $ 112.9 million between January and December of 2010. The return on equity reached 18.4% in the last financial year.  

21 February, 2011
Fepasa profits grow 436% at December 2010

The main rail freight transport company in the country, a subsidiary of Puerto Ventanas controlled by the Sigdo Koppers group, reached profits of $ 2,187 million.      

12 January, 2011
Sigdo Koppers concluye proyecto de US$77 millones para empresa eléctrica Angamos

La filial del conglomerado Ingeniería y Construcción Sigdo Koppers, terminó exitosamente la construcción del Sistema de Transmisión que llevará la energía generada por la Central Térmica Angamos, de AES Gener.

29 September, 2010
Sigdo Koppers starts in Talcahuano construction of new Technical Training Center

The blessing ceremony of the founding stone, by the Archbishop of Concepción, marked the beginning of this project. Through him, conglomerate and its subsidiaries seek to contribute to the recovery of one of the areas most devastated by the latest earthquake, with new development opportunities for the community.  

30 April, 2010
Juan Eduardo Errázuriz is elected CEO of the Sigdo Koppers Group

  Naoshi Matsumoto was appointed vice president of the conglomerate. The group plans to invest US $ 150 million in 2010-2011, in regards to the long term development plan. This is in addition to investments made by some of its companies.  

15 April, 2010
Sigdo Koppers and the Municipality of Talcahuano sign agreement to build a Technical Training Center

The new Technical Training Center will be located on Orella Street N°155 in Talcahuano, and will offer technician level carreers for the almost 1,200 young people who graduate each year from public high schools. It is scheduled to open for the first semester of 2011. Sigdo Koppers and its architect Gonzalo Mardoneswill be in charge of developing this project,which represents an investment of over$1,200 million.  

6 April, 2010
Ramon Aboitiz Musatadi, President of Sigdo Koppers, passed away

The prominent businessman led the development of the conglomerate since its foundation, 50 years ago. His funeral service will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7th, at Cementerio Parque del Recuerdo after a Mass to be held at 12.00 at St. Francis of Sales Church (Address: Av. Santa Maria 5600, Vitacura).  

17 October, 2009
ENAEX receives Carbon Credit Certificates from the UN.

It is the largest project in Chile. The issuance of carbon credits from the Panna 3 plant of Mejillones means an annual reduction of about 800,000 tons of CO2 and is the largest project of its kind in Chile.

19 March, 2009
Sigdo Koppers successfully places bonds for UF3 million, being oversubscribed 1.9 times

Great interest generated in the market the first bond placement made by the company, generating a total demand for UF5,6 million, equivalent to nearly double the offer of the company.