Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción S.A.

Sigdo Koppers S.AParticipation: 72.28%
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Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción  S.A. (SKIC) has participated in the main investment projects developed in Chile, as well as works in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and Peru. It delivers a complete service to its customers, allowing it to achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and safety in the operations. These include engineering, construction, electromechanical assembly, management of national and international procurement, local transportation and logistics.


SK Industrial

Industrial operation and maintenance services.

SK Capacitación

Company that offers staff training services.

SK Comsa

Company specialized in construction and electromechanical assembly of mid size projects.


Engineering and consulting services for mining, energy and industry sectors.


ICSK Brasil

ICSK Colombia

Puerto Ventanas S.A.

Sigdo Koppers S.AParticipation: 50.01%
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Puerto Ventanas is located in the bay of Quintero in the Valparaíso Region in Chile. It has large storage spaces and modern facilities that give it significant competitive advantages, added to the absence of sandbank problems.

The company offers a complete range of port services to its customers, participating in the entire logistics chain: loading, unloading, storage, processing and door to door, through its subsidiary Ferrocarril del Pacífico (Fepasa).



Main rail freight transport company in Chile.

SK Godelius

Sigdo Koppers S.AParticipation: 75.24%
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SK Godelius provides services, carries out projects and implements technological developments in the mining and natural resources market. The company offers solutions for mine safety, monitoring centers (NOC), content distribution, IP productivity, IT infrastructure and IT / Industrial convergence.

The company also provides consulting services which include networking, telecommunications, optimization of integrated processes, automation and renewable energies.